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In other words, your friends and your family is your audience.  Be thankful they like your music.  As far as spreading it further, good luck!

I’m not gonna listen to it.  I don’t know you and I don’t trust you.

Your only hope is if your friends think you’re so good they want to tell their friends, not because you told them to, but because they want to.  Because they think you’re good and their friends will like you.  They can’t tell their friends to listen to crap, then they’ll burn their trust, and trust and credibility are key today, you don’t want to be kicked out of anybody’s movie, not if they’re important to you!

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Self-Publishing: The Numbers Game

Now imagine how hard it is to make that much without a publisher. Making $2 an e-book on Amazon, you’d have to sell 15,000 a year to even dream about doing it full time, living uninsured in a garret somewhere and eating bread crusts. And since many indie writers are selling their books for 99 cents, and making 35 cents per sale, they would need to sell 100,000 copies a year. That’s a lot of readers, and if you could appeal to that many, it’s likely New York would have bought your book in the first place.

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I Must Remember This!

When you buy something cheap and bad, the best you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it. When you buy something expensive and good, the worst you’re going to feel about it is when you buy it.

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In Search Of … Spangler’s Rubicon Office, Sequel

I’m going a bit crazy about this …

Another view of the windows inside Spangler’s office:

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Writer Charlie Huston

Ace writer of crime fiction Charlie Huston does a very rare blog post:

Black Hole

Is this me?

Are these the stories I’ve been telling?

Jesus, why didn’t anyone tell me it was like this?

You want his stuff.

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Video: ePub On A Kindle 3?

That’s what this video is claiming, with no supporting evidence:

Although from the way the screen is cropped, I suspect this is being done via the experimental Kindle Webkit-based browser and is not a native ePub file residing in the device itself.

I also must point out this book has a Kindle version, so that also makes me highly skeptical.

There is no other explanation (yet?) at the originating website.


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In Search Of … Spangler’s Rubicon Office

Kale’s office is actually on a higher floor than Spangler’s?

It looks like Truxton Spangler has a corner office too — as he should!

From episode 7 of AMC-TV‘s Rubicon series:

That’s clearly a corner office. But wait, what’s that out the window at left?

Updated: Due to wrongness!

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Amazon Dumps The Kindle

Relax! Only from its main page:

I guess since it will be all over real-world stores soon, Amazon doesn’t need to pimp it constantly at its site now.

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Los Angeles Guts Its Public Library System

City of Airheads: Villaraigosa Dismantles L.A.’s Vaunted Library System

Many public library systems — the five biggies are Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles — have faced an ugly two years of recession-spawned budget cuts and trimmed hours. Yet political leaders who control the purse strings for the biggest cities fought and saved their libraries from severe harm.

The city that has not done that is Los Angeles.

What a disgrace!

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“Technology Has No Feelings”

I came across this post: Gary Vaynerchuk visits Austin, TX

And I’m swiping the YouTube video it embedded. Watch:

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