In Search Of … Spangler’s Rubicon Office

Kale’s office is actually on a higher floor than Spangler’s?

It looks like Truxton Spangler has a corner office too — as he should!

From episode 7 of AMC-TV‘s Rubicon series:

That’s clearly a corner office. But wait, what’s that out the window at left?

Updated: Due to wrongness!

A lamppost! And it’s close by! It’s this one:

That would seem to place Spangler’s office right here:

But wait. Something is just wrong here. Because even if they blocked off the single corner window, the side windows don’t match the screensnap!

On the other hand, in the background is the skyscraper across the street:

Which is this:

So… did they do a set for this or what?

API’s secret Spangler office eludes me! [See my new post about this, linked at end!]

At least I am on firm ground — heh-heh — with spotting the street shown in this episode.

Seen outside the API building …

… but was it really outside the real-life building?


And highlighted:

Maybe someone from the Rubicon production office will see this and have mercy and tell all of us how they did Spangler’s office.

Corrected post: In Search Of … Spangler’s Rubicon Office, Sequel

Note: This covers only episode 7 because I haven’t seen 8 yet (thank you, back). Maybe that will solve the mystery?

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3 responses to “In Search Of … Spangler’s Rubicon Office

  1. elizabeth

    i want the map in truxton spangler’s office…do you know what map it is? thanks!

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