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Stupid eBook Marketing, Sequel

I read his books in the 1970s, so go blame him.

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Stupid eBook Marketing


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Stupid eBook Marketing

Some people get carried away.

I’m not even linking to the site (it’s outside the US in another language anyway).

Aside from the fact the device is supposed to be a 6″ VizPlex screen, it looks iPad-size in his hands.

And I think that stupid illustration just cries out for this caption:

“Aieeeeee!!! Ma, my eBook exploded!!!!”

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Seeing Red… « Jennifer Wylie’s Blog

Having someone with fresh eyes, and who knows what they are doing, can do wonders for the quality of your book. I am assuming, due to the ‘please don’t cry or be mad’ comments, that some authors don’t take kindly to this help. Personally, I am eternally grateful for all the time and effort my editors put in. Their input and suggestions have been invaluable, even though occasionally I went I different route, I at least was made aware there was an issue and could fix it in my own way.

via Seeing Red… « Jennifer Wylie’s Blog

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