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Kindicted: 10,000 Books on a Kindle 2?

Why have this many books?  If Google can do it, why cant anyone? Besides, at the current exponential rate of Twilight book releases, it will only take a few years to reach that number!

via Kindicted: 10,000 Books on a Kindle 2?

There are debates on Mobileread about why anyone would want to put all their eBooks on an eBook device.   I fall in the All Of Them camp.  Do people have silly arguments over whether all of your files should reside on a PC or Mac? No.  I want to have my entire library with me.


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iDevice Kobo App With DRM-Free ePub

Well, standing here embarrassed as all hell over my huge error in that last post, I’ll come back for more.

Here are directions from the Mobileread Kobo Reader Wiki on how to add DRM-free ePub and PDFs to the Kobo reading app on an iDevice.

How do I ‘side-load’ PDF and unencrypted epub files into the Kobo application using iTunes?

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Kobo Books: Read Adobe DRMed ePub On An iDevice


That’s what the man of Kobo Books just said:

@mikecane You’re absolutely right re: Desktop Reader. My error. Side-loading live for iPhone, iPad, eReader, still in dev for Desktop ReaderFri Sep 17 21:01:16 via web

That is MAJOR.

That means that reading public library loans of ePub eBooks dipped in Adobe DRM will work on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!

UPDATE: Bad parsing by me of what is in the Kobo Blog post:

You should definitely be able to add in unencrypted, unDRM’d stuff. It would be even better if you could get DRM’d books from other vendors in. (We’re part way there now. Side-load PDFs, un-DRM’d ePubs into our Desktop Reader (Oops! Not yet! Working on it. — MT), Kobo eReader, iPad and iPhone apps. Add Overdrive library books on the Kobo eReader. More to come…)

(The mention of “eReader” up there is for the Kobo Reader hardware.)

My huge error.

Adobe DRMed ePubs will, however, work on the Kobo Reader hardware.

All the rest can use only DRM-free ePub.

Get the Kobo software and try it! DRM-free ePub. (Which, alas, is what iBooks can already do… so, you know, never mind!)


Sony Reader 101: Borrowing Public Library eBooks — an all-purpose primer for borrowing ePub eBooks from public libraries
OverDrive Search (click on Search for a Library tab)
Sony Library Finder (easier; no tab to select)

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The eBook Buyer’s Bill of Rights

Kobo Books today published The eReaders Bill of Rights (the Kobo Perspective).

It has some good insights, including:

We have always believed that your books are your books, and you should be able to take them where you want. You shouldn’t be shackled to a platform or tied to a device. If another service or device or reading experience comes along, you should be able to bring your books with you. We think it’s your right as a reader.


If there’s one thing you take away from reading this, it’s that where you buy your ebooks matters a lot more than you might think. Do you know the DRM format of your eBooks? Do you know your Rights and whether your retailer believes the same things you believe? If so, awesome. If not, you could be chaining yourself (and your books) to one retailer or one device forever.

Underlined emphasis in the original.

They don’t name names, but I will: Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.

The Kindle is a system unto itself, as I think most people know. And the Nook uses a mutant form of Adobe DRM no other device can currently use.

Kobo Books reminded me of a post I did earlier, which I am reprinting after the break.

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The Best Book Trailer EVAR

No rotten canned music.

No stock photos of models.

No inept narration.

No bad text overlays.

I kept watching because I was certain the camera would pan up and there’d something else.

But no!

Short. Simple. Intriguing. Effective.

People hate being sold to. Stop doing The Sell.

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Alien Android Tablets Coming To J&R

I have no idea where these are coming from:

GIT ICAN 7″ Touch Screen Tablet PC – 80002

Click = big

GIT ICAN 10.1″ Touch Screen Tablet PC – 80001

Click = big

Aside from screen and device size, the specs are identical.

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Just A Brief Note About The Kobo Reader

Lisbeth Salander — heh — reviews the Kobo Reader in Australia:

You won’t see any international review of the Barnes & Noble Nook. Because it’s only available in America. And even if you could smuggle one outside, regional book rights would prevent buying anything from the Barnes & Noble store in America.

So while the Kobo Reader has been dismissed because it has only basic functions and is saddled to the sinking Borders here in America, let’s not forget it has a larger footprint in the world than the Nook.

I also think a US$99.00 Kobo Reader would do what the US$99.00 Aluratek Libre has failed to do — break through.

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Reading — As It Was Never Meant To Be!

Oy vey.

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I’ve Got Your eBook Tweets Right Here

Since Twitter can’t master metadata, I’m trying to remember now to hashtag tweets that are about eBooks with #ebooks.

Use this to filter my tweets just down to that.

I’m hashtagging only news. So, conversations about eBooks won’t be part of that. Not enough room for the hashtag. And because of the way retweeting works from the Twitter website (which I am now using), it’s not possible to add that hashtag to them.

Sometimes there are #books tweets too.

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Britain’s child slaves: New book says their misery helped forge Britain | Mail Online

Supervisors used terror and punishment to drive the children to greater productivity. A boy in a nail-making factory was punished for producing inferior nails by having his head down on an iron counter while someone hammered a nail through his ear, and the boy has made good nails ever since.

via Britains child slaves: New book says their misery helped forge Britain | Mail Online

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