Sony Says: Go Away, You iOS People!

To punish myself for making a stupid stupid stupid error in a post yesterday, I stopped in the Apple Store this morning to punch myself in the eye with the Retina Display of the iPhone 4, the new iPod Touch, and to lash myself with more kitten-delayed iPad fondling.

And I discovered Sony is asleep at its own website!

Calling up the Sony Reader site with mobile Safari gives a site with information about only the prior models!

See screensnaps after the break.

What the Sony Reader site looks like on a desktop browser:

Click = ginormous

The new models of Sony Reader are shown.

But if you take your iPad and go, “Oh, let me go order that new Sony Reader,” you get Not For You!

Click = ginormous

And I clicked through on the Pocket:

Click = ginormous

And the Touch:

Click = ginormous

And confirmed this wasn’t simply a landing page error.

How is it a global multi-billion corporation can screw up something this simple?

So, if anyone out there with an iPad is reading this and has been wondering when Sony’s site will offer the new Reader — it does, just Not For You!


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