The New iPod Touch Is A Heartbreak

As I stated earlier, I went to the Apple Store to catch up on some fondling as punishment.

This was my first encounter with an iPhone 4 as well as the new iPod Touch (I forgot all about the new iPod Nano and will have to do that later).

I wasn’t thrilled with the iPhone 4. It felt like a machine in my hands. The edges were hard and sharp. It lacked the smooth feel of past models. When Jobs said it felt like an old camera, he wasn’t kidding! But I think he meant that in a good way. I do not.

I wish there was someone at Apple who could overrule Jobs when it comes to iBooks. Pagecurl on the iPhone 4 is a miserable experience, introducing a delay when there shouldn’t be. If I’m going to have to wait that long to get to the next damned page, I might as well be using an eInk device to read, not a Retina Display!

And with all those extra pixels, did I miss something or is iBooks really offering only two typeface sizes?! Srsly? [Update: See Comments.]

I guess if I had owned past models of the iPhone I’d have a better reference point to judge speed. But it just didn’t overall seem like a big deal to me. I know it’s pushing MOAR pixels, but so what?

As for the iPod Touch … I’ve waited years and years and years for a model with a camera. And when Apple finally puts one in, it’s a rotten crapcam!

See samples after the break.

I took three sample photos of the kind I’ve taken in the past with iPhones and emailed them to myself (thank you, Apple Store, for being unlike others and actually setting up your machines to be able to do this!).

Unlike past samples which came through at VGA resolution, the iPod Touch emails them full size. And here they are:

Click = full iPod Touch size

That’s just grim! I’ve never gotten a close-up from an iPhone camera that was blurry like that!

And it gets just worse:

Click = full iPod Touch size

Look at how overexposed everything is, how details are just smeared out with white!

This one looks good at first glance:

Click = full iPod Touch size

But there’s a lot more noise in it than past iPhone cameras. And notice how the lights smear out to white blobs.

See prior iPhone sample photos:

iPhone Camera Test
iPhone 3GS test photo taken June 19, 2008 at Apple Store Soho

What was Steve Jobs thinking? Was it: “Kids are buying this to play games, let’s just give them a fun camera.”

Show me the kid who’s going to spring for a 64GB iPod Touch for $399!

I’m very disappointed with this development and right now I have zero plan to buy the iPod Touch.

And what they say is true, after seeing the Retina Display, looking at the screen of the iPad is jarring.

But still, OMG! I still have major lust for the iPad and kick myself every day for not jumping on a low-end WiFi model before I knew I’d be assaulted by kittens who’d drain away all my iPad money (and more!).

I don’t see how anyone can resist the iPad. I sit here on a chair, upright, typing this into a keyboard perpendicular to my waist, looking at a screen parallel to my face … and it feels like I’m stuck in the Age of the Telegraph!

The iPad is the only way to do the Internet. It is glorious!



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5 responses to “The New iPod Touch Is A Heartbreak

  1. AdamC

    What a rant…slow day hah?

  2. Booklorn

    Well, I’m glad the iPad is still lustworthy. I’ll stick with my iPod Touch (2nd gen) until it craps out.

  3. Papa Tony

    It’s not “only two typeface sizes” in iBooks. Keep tapping the bigger button, and the font grows upward. The icons mean “Bigger ” and “Smaller”, not “Size Small” and “Size Big”.

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