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In Search Of … Rubicon’s Episode 9 Book

Wow, episode 9 of AMC-TV‘s Rubicon series freaked me out somewhat. None of it was what I expected.

And there was a book in Will’s bag:

I’m tempted to think it’s a loan from the NY Public Library due to the bar code sticker on its lower left corner.

At any rate, if you want to see what Will was reading, you can get the book free. Click this Project Gutenberg link for Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Sony Reader, Kobo Reader, Nook, and iPad owners should choose the ePub version.


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All Points North | Entitletarditis: The journalist’s disease

This one continues to amaze my parents and friends. I get a press release, ring said company to say I’d like one of those and, God willing, they send it to me. It will cost me nothing, I will not have to pay for the return carriage and I could potentially keep the item for a number of weeks or months before sending it back. Sometimes, I even get to keep the stuff forever. Not as a bribe you understand and never on the condition that I write a review, positive or otherwise, but more likely they just don’t want it back or the PR account changes hands and the kit is forgotten/written off.

via All Points North | Entitletarditis: The journalist’s disease

Over a decade ago, I would accept freebies.  I won’t anymore.  I didn’t like what even the very few I got did to me.  Keep in mind that every so-called “review” you read that’s based on a freebie has behind it the fear that such access and freebies can be taken away.  Fear should never be a factor in reviewing.


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Kobo’s CEO Speaks

Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis looks to be on the ball here: E-books: A new chapter begins

Some bits:

We only became Kobo eight months ago and 120 days ago we launched the Kobo reader. We’re coming out of the gates screaming and we started this price war. Everyone was at $350 and $299 and $249 and we came out $100 less. Subsequently prices have come down and new devices have come out and we have to do the same to stay in the game. It’s very competitive and we’re the only pure play, the only start-up. We’re David among a few Goliaths, but we’re confident about our prospects.

I’m surprised the Kobo Reader has been around that short a time. Really, they’ve impinged on my brain pan so much it feels like more than a year.

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