All Points North | Entitletarditis: The journalist’s disease

This one continues to amaze my parents and friends. I get a press release, ring said company to say I’d like one of those and, God willing, they send it to me. It will cost me nothing, I will not have to pay for the return carriage and I could potentially keep the item for a number of weeks or months before sending it back. Sometimes, I even get to keep the stuff forever. Not as a bribe you understand and never on the condition that I write a review, positive or otherwise, but more likely they just don’t want it back or the PR account changes hands and the kit is forgotten/written off.

via All Points North | Entitletarditis: The journalist’s disease

Over a decade ago, I would accept freebies.  I won’t anymore.  I didn’t like what even the very few I got did to me.  Keep in mind that every so-called “review” you read that’s based on a freebie has behind it the fear that such access and freebies can be taken away.  Fear should never be a factor in reviewing.


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2 responses to “All Points North | Entitletarditis: The journalist’s disease

  1. I agree totally with you, I didn’t really mean to imply I was accepting ‘freebies’ as I certainly don’t expect to keep anything that’s sent to me and when any PR has said ‘keep it if you like’ I’ve always pointed out that this won’t affect the outcome of the review. More I was trying to highlight that it’s part of the job that’s handled by a third-party and another aspect of the journalist’s life that’s made easy for them.

    Every bit of kit I’m sent in received on the understanding that it never belongs to me, even the stuff PR people have failed to collect for months, not unusual in the UK, stays ready to be collected.

    • mikecane

      I understand and I didn’t mean to single you out or make it personal. I’ve wound up with unclaimed stuff in the past too. Which wound up dying in about a year’s time. Which makes you wonder what reviews really accomplish when they can’t include how long these things actually last in real life!

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