In Search Of … Rubicon’s Episode 9 Book

Wow, episode 9 of AMC-TV‘s Rubicon series freaked me out somewhat. None of it was what I expected.

And there was a book in Will’s bag:

I’m tempted to think it’s a loan from the NY Public Library due to the bar code sticker on its lower left corner.

At any rate, if you want to see what Will was reading, you can get the book free. Click this Project Gutenberg link for Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Sony Reader, Kobo Reader, Nook, and iPad owners should choose the ePub version.


By the way, here is a word I think we might need to be familiar with…

… judging from the photo of the kids: Tontine — which allegedly (ahem, note that word carefully) also has a cryptographic function I never heard of until right now:

Click = big

And if it turns out I’m right about this, I damn well want Henry Bromell or Jason Horwitch or even Lauren Hodges to buy me a damn drink!

You see, I saw The Long Box.

So, would I make a good API operative or what?

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8 responses to “In Search Of … Rubicon’s Episode 9 Book

  1. I enjoy your ‘analysis’ of the Rubicon set and props. I found the API location using Google streetview.

    Here is a real challenge for you though: where is Will’s appartment or Kale’s?

    • mikecane

      I haven’t looked for those. It was the building and nearby areas that intrigued me. Maybe I’ll try later on. Will might not even have an apartment any more, after episode 9!

  2. I found Andy’s apartment as shown in Episode 10:

    Reade Street and West Broadway. Will’s should be right across the street.

    • mikecane

      Haven’t seen 10 yet. I did rewatch 2 & 3 yesterday and would be surprised if Will’s was at Reade & West Broadway.

      • There is a shot of this building just before cutting to the bedroom in Andy’s apartment where Will is waking up. I also checked it out on Google Street View.

        Now we need to now look at scenes of Andy’s window from Will’s and vice versa to confirm and possibly identify which unit.

        (Unfortunately, I did not save past episodes on my TiVo.)

      • mikecane

        I’ll get to that area most likely this weekend and will check it out with a bunch of other location screensnaps I’ve made.

      • Great. I looked at some shots of Will’s window as seen from Andy’s and can not quite see how it is one of the buildings across the street.

        Also, Andy appears to have a corner apartment.

        I cannot tell if Andy’s apartment is on the backside of the building.

      • mikecane

        In episode 2, when Will looks down at the crosswalk from the roof, the angles do not match up to reality. The corner he seems to be looking *straight down* at is actually like 30-40 feet away from where’s he actually standing on the building. TV plays tricks like that all the time. Movies too.

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