Macmillan Springs Infinity Trap On Writers

Ingram and Macmillan rethink traditional distribution model

Ingram Content Group Inc. and Macmillan today announced a new distribution services model that will integrate Ingram’s print on demand (POD) and fulfillment capability with Macmillan’s publishing program.

Macmillan will use Ingram’s print on demand and physical distribution infrastructure to manage traditional inventory and POD for “long tail” titles. Macmillan will continue to fully service its customer relationships from its primary warehouse in Virginia.

A standard clause in book contracts is that a publisher will keep rights until a book is “no longer in print.”

Print On Demand (POD) means a book can be deemed “in print” for, well, infinity.

This means a publisher never has to revert a book’s rights to its owner, the writer.

All of you writers who have contracts with Macmillan, get in contact with your agent right now.

Get the hell out of this while you still can. If that’s even still possible now.

All book contracts should have a time duration in them. Hollywood traps new talent with seven-year contracts. For publishing, I’d like to see contracts time-delimited at no more than five years.


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2 responses to “Macmillan Springs Infinity Trap On Writers

  1. Matthew Diener

    Publishing contracts often (should) include sales minimums that trigger the rights reversion process. Some specify print-only copies that are non-POD, some don’t. As long as minimums language is in the contract, the writer has some protection from ceding rights for all time. Authors need to pay attention to that language in their contracts.

    • mikecane

      As someone with direct personal experience with a bastard publisher who will not revert rights even though the book has not been in print, *time limits* are the way to go, period.

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