The Kittens Of Doom Continue To Doom Me

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Look at how well-nourished they appear. They should! They’ve eaten about three frikkin iPads — so far!

As if it wasn’t enough suffering for me to be missing out on vlc for the iPad — something I’ve wanted since iPhone 1.0! — now comes the additional beating that Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science is available for the iPad too!

Every time these kittens purr, they cost me another iPad.

The Kittens of Doom Chronology:

It’s iPad 3G Day And I Got … Kittens!
The Kittens Delaying My iPad
Kittens Of Doom Update
The Kittens Of Doom
The Kittens Of Doom On September 10, 2010
The Kittens Of Doom: Then And Now


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2 responses to “The Kittens Of Doom Continue To Doom Me

  1. Lol. They are cute. Look like my two (the third one died two weeks after being born)…so I have a black/smokey grey one and one that looks just like the other two.

  2. How did I miss this? Beautiful creatures. They look disdainfully indifferent to your iPad woes!

    Now with hindsight it seems you should probably thank them for having saved you!

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