Video: Contrasting eBook Device Visions

This video simulation of a device got everyone all excited recently, but I wasn’t impressed:

No touchscreen?

He also did two other videos that I suppose everyone missed.

See those after the break.

Kinetic page switching is an interesting idea but I wonder about shifting position or moving to put the book down and activating an unwanted cascade of page switching.

That one suffers from poor UI visualization. What good is a checkmark if a bunch of books are being moved over? Who wants to sit there waiting for bulk confirmation? Book covers should appear one at a time as they are moved over to the device.

The best video simulating the eBook future remains the one from Editis, a French publisher, which I repeat below. Note that this version, which has English subtitles, does not start until about 47 seconds in, so move the slider to there to begin.

The Editis video also shows that reading devices will need to include something none of them have today: a built-in camera. The camera would be used to scan a QR Code on a book advertisement. Why should people have to laboriously type in a book’s title or a writer’s name to find it?

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