More Kindle Winning?

4 kindle free books for wednesday morning

It’s interesting how the number of free books from sources other than the Kindle Store has dried up. The major publishers have cut down on their offers, Suvudu now offers short stories instead of books, and it’s almost a waste of time to search elsewhere.

Aside from Kobo and Kindle, who else really offers truly free eBooks?

At Sony, you have to set up an account with plastic.

At Barnes & Noble, same thing.

At both Kobo and Amazon, I’ve been able to set up accounts and get as many free eBooks as I want without surrendering any plastic — with Amazon allowing close to twenty free eBooks right now, and over five hundred Samples. The selection of free at Kobo is paltry, with me downloading one Just To See and one Why Not, It’s Free?

It just occurred to me right now that I’m not even thinking about Apple’s iBookstore — because that ramps things up another notch. You need to buy hardware to access the iBookstore. It’s not available via iTunes.


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2 responses to “More Kindle Winning?

  1. kittent

    They are all OLD books, but there is some interesting stuff, there are LOTS of books, the books are offered in just about any format you want.

    p.s. re:another post…those kittens are adorable!

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