Another Example Of Banking Gangsterism!

Man’s home sold out from under him in foreclosure mistake

When Jason Grodensky bought his modest Fort Lauderdale home last December, he paid cash. But seven months later, he was surprised to learn that Bank of America had foreclosed on the house, even though Grodensky did not have a mortgage.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

How many more “anecdotes” are required to add up to absolute proof that the banks are totally out of control in this country and are out to loot whoever they can? And can do so apparently with impunity!

Where are the Feds to step on these banks with the RICO laws?

If an individual did this, that person would be in prison right now for fraud. But if a bank does this, it gets papered over as a clerical error?

Keep feeding The Overthrow!

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