Is This Why Amazon Shuts Up?

Two posts from two different times tying together an incredible figure:

How Many Kindle Books Has Amazon Sold? About 22 Million This Year

If we use the ratio from the last quarter, it implies Amazon has sold around 22 million Kindle books so far this year. That’s just the equivalent of 6% of the total print book market, which remains tiny.


E-book Numbers Hint at Amazon Domination

What did the tally show? Quite simply, that his share of e-book sales through Kindle is exactly what Kindle claims for the entire market: About 75 percent.

OK, I think I understand why Jeff Bezos just shuts up about the Kindle population.

It’s not that the figure is useful for competitors in a good way — it’s that admitting to being the Godzilla of eBook selling would attract unwanted and unfavorable attention, with words like “monopoly” and “bully” being thrown around.

Just look at what’s been happening with Apple and the App Store! Every misstep gets screamed about all over the Internet (with me screaming the loudest when freedom of expression is gutted).

Amazon just doesn’t want that grief.

As a final note, let me get something off my chest. I’m really sick of hearing the proportion of eBook to print book sales being denigrated as “tiny” or “small.” Let me ask you this: If your body was made of 6% cancer, wouldn’t you be freaking out about that? It’s not like eBook sales figures are going to go into remission and shrink!

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