Public Libraries Are Sacred

As I use sacred as you use sacred towards your church, your synagogue, your mosque.

So, to see the filthy hand of privatization molesting them fills me with anger. She cuts to the chase in this post: Invisible-hand jobs.

I have never seen an “inefficient” public library in my life. Cash-starved, yes. And of all the librarians I’ve ever encountered — and this has to be in the hundreds — there were only two I wish had chosen other professions because they didn’t know how to deal with real-life people. And just two out of several hundred is a far smaller number than, say, my dealings with any police department or government agency (especially, as a prime example, the Veteran’s Administration!).

I agree with the stance of the ALA: Recommendation on Privatization of Publicly Funded Libraries

Chop off that Invisible Hand!

It has no place touching public libraries.

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