I’m not linking to the place I found this and I’ve redacted identifying characteristics:

Congrats to [staff member name] and our talented team in [a city] led by [staff member name] on winning this important [competitive] battle in [city] through product innovation. Innovation in all aspects of our business is core to our culture of continuous improvement and the only way we will build a sustainable competitive advantage. Our “I” concept is just another example of [our] innovation driving success.

Really, do they have a Microsoft Word For Suits that spits out this templated and meaningless crap?

This is why we hate you. You can’t express yourselves in other than empty cliches.

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  1. As a suit I must say that no one enjoys that crap except for C** levels and their lapdogs. We have a random bingo generator with these bullshit words at work to make meetings that use this type of dialogue more tolerable.

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