Blio Is Here And It’s FAIL. Next!

Finally, Blio is here!

The New New Shiny Thing that will revolutionize reading and throw dirt on all those eInk devices and show the genius of Ray Kurzweil who is Sure How Books Must Be Done.

Forget it, Jack!

This pig has no wings.

See the gore after the break.

This is what happened when I tried to install Blio for Windows XP:

Click = big

That’s right. Not only does it want additional components that I don’t need or want, it also wants me to ratchet up my XP to SP3!

My PC works fine in some sort of limbo between SP1 and SP2.

Everything I need it to do works fine as-is.

Why would I want to jeopardize any of that for Blio?

I don’t — and won’t.

And guess what? Everyone else who encounters this eejitness is going to feel the same damned way.

This is FAIL.




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12 responses to “Blio Is Here And It’s FAIL. Next!

  1. But Mike, the specs do say that all this stuff is required.

    • mikecane

      Yes, and I noted that on Twitter right before I tried the install. I don’t have .Net. I evicted it from my PC. It’s worthless to me. Other people who trim bloatware from their PCs will have gotten rid of it too. Some people never even added it. Why would they want to just for this ONE program?

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  3. Not to mention it promised epub support, and didn’t deliver on that (you MUST download everything through Blio’s webstore! What a load of FAIL)

    • mikecane

      I didn’t even notice that. But since the Larsson books were listed as being in Blio format, I’m not surprised ePub got cut out. Kill the competition.

  4. EB

    To complain about being asked to be on SP3 is insane. These are free security and performance upgrades for an obsolete OS so as applications can support newer OSs and this old creaking one. For the <3% of XP users not on SP3, and of them the small percentage that want to install Blio, it may be an issue. For everyone else, it is not.

    • mikecane

      SP3 slowed this crap CPU — which was speedy when *new* — to a crawl. I rolled back to get some speed again. Don’t mistake the slimmed-down customized SP3 that is preloaded on machines with the overgrown bloatware that comes from installing SP3 on top of earlier XP versions. It’s just not the same thing.

      Also; I dispute your statistic about the number of non-SP3 users. The trouble with people who have new machines is that they forget not everyone does.

  5. D

    It is unbelievable that you’d complain about this software not working on Win XP SP “some sort of limbo between SP1 and SP2”. You’re too lazy to patch your ancient machine, and it’s Blio’s fault? How entitled are you?

    • mikecane

      Did you read my other Comment, where I wrote about rolling back from the bloatware shit that was SP3? I’m not the only one to have done that. And who the hell wants .Net? What’s it good for? Nothing! I’m not the only one to reject Microsoft’s bloatware shit, millions of others have too. Google how to slim down a PC to gain speed after being crippled by Microsoft’s sabotaging updates and you’ll learn something. Blio ignored reality and that’s a FAIL. They worked with Microsoft and this should be a surprise to them? Puhleeze.

      • D

        SP2 came out in 2004, and SP3 in 2008. So you’re either running XP on a crap computer from 2007 or a dinosaur that’s pushing 5 or 6 years old now. How dare Microsoft not take into account you being a cheapskate when updating their OS. If you were so worried about their bloatware, you’d have manned up and moved to linux a long time ago.

      • mikecane

        Yeah, kiss that Microsoft ass because, you know, there aren’t *millions* of PCs just like this out there in the real world. Do you want a napkin to wipe your lips or do you just like to lick them after doing that?

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