Blio: Round Two. It’s STILL FAIL!

I borrowed someone’s modern (less than six months old!) notebook to give Blio another try because of the whining resistance I encountered on Twitter about my original post.

I did photos. I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of shuffling JPEG screensnaps.

See photos after the break.

All photos resampled and rescaled down to VGA. Click any for bigger.

The splash screen:

I went straight to Free Books since I didn’t want to set up an account. It looks like these are all from Feedbooks:

Yeah, I picked the SF one, nerd that I am. Notice the CONVERTING dialog:

That took some time!

Blio has a variety of views, some which I’ll just zip through here:

Flat dual-page:

Ginormous, which makes it like a TelePrompTer:

Dual-page text reflow:

A ludicrous eye-candy 3D view:

With stupid paper artifact page-flipping:

I’d like to see Blio do a word processor. I think a platen crank is overdue for a comeback!

Thumbnails, of one of the two bundled manuals (which I didn’t read):

The Blio bookstore:

We are entering the FAIL Zone now!

I searched for Larsson and called up a description. FAIL one: no way to download any sample:

FAIL Two: look at the frikkin price!!!

And that’s not an aberration, either:

US$27.95 for Hornet’s Nest! Are they insane?!

If Blio has any potential, it’s still in the future, for books that take advantage of whatever special sauce it has.

But it has zero future if it really thinks people are going to pay full print MSRP for eBooks.


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13 responses to “Blio: Round Two. It’s STILL FAIL!

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  3. John Gates

    “of one of the two bundled manuals (which I didn’t read” hey next time you go to home depot and buy a chainsaw don’t read the manual, im sure everything will be fine. The problem these days is that products are complicated. Which is why they come with manuals! but living in AMERICA people don’t do that and wonder why their product doesn’t work. Wake up and read something for once. I Downloaded blio with no problems, obviously its the first version so its not gonna be perfect.

    • mikecane

      Hey, stupid. The manual was WITH the download. How would a manual I HAD TO DOWNLOAD have helped with software that WOULDN’T DOWNLOAD? Morons like you don’t deserve books. You can’t understand a fucking word you think you can read.

      • John Gates

        “The manual was WITH the download” So the manual came with blio, This also contradicts statement 2.

        “How would a manual I HAD TO DOWNLOAD have helped with software that WOULDN’T DOWNLOAD?” – Statement 2

        And now your saying you couldn’t get blio to download…Really?
        Up there looks like a bunch of screen shots of Blio working on your computer.

        Next time use the print screen key, instead of taking pictures of a High gloss lcd screen with a digital camera.

        “Morons like you don’t deserve books” – Statement 3

        Not professional at all.

      • mikecane

        Oh, wait. I see part of the problem here. My mistake. You are replying to my *second* post. Go see the first one about Blio:

  4. Michael J.

    You obviously downloaded the product because you took pictures of blio being used. So it worked fine for you, don’t see why your complaining to be honest? your just making yourself look dumb by saying that the page flipping looks stupid? Id hate to see your design for an e-reader.

    • mikecane

      Read the post again. Obviously you have zero reading comprehension skills, so don’t worry about needing an eBook device for yourself. It wouldn’t help you.

  5. John Gates

    ahhh i see…Pc software changes all the time, Needs to be updated. If everything worked all the time we would still be using win 98. Sp3 and sp1 .net is needed to run this certain program, it says it on the website. In the windows world you know how it is the last operating system is usually becomes incompatible or very finicky with newer sofware and then the new OS gets the glory.

    • mikecane

      Yes, I know what the Blio reqs are. I said so on Twitter before I even downloaded the software that I suspected my installation attempt would be FAIL. And it was — but at least I gave it a shot (and then borrowed someone’s notebook to give it *second* shot). SP3 is too bloated for this PC. Until recently, I was using Firefox 2.x — until I finally tried Opera, which I now use. I’m not the only person out here with a low-end (due to the passage of time) machine. So for something that targets *reading*, they need to address the widest possible market. Blio FAILs at that by making the tech reqs too high.

  6. I sincerely wished blio worked. But it was disheartening to realize that it is a bloatware with no functions worth mentioning. Adobe Acrobat does most of all what Blio does with added functions like notes, highlighting, text to speech etc

  7. me

    I love Blio, so far. Who needs non-free books anyway, so I didn’t even know about the prices until reading your post. No epub sucks, but it does xps just fine – and you can save an MS Word file as .xps! For pdfs, then, use acrobat to save as .txt, then Word to read in the .txt and save as .xps. I’m surprised by your negative assessment of its text-to-speech, as Kurzeil’s core expertise (besides the singularity) is text-to-speech.

    I highly recommend you to trade up to a flat screen, btw. The glass glare and curve distortion in your pics is annoying.

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