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For An Explanation …

… tune in tomorrow.

Update: Or go here.


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In Search Of … Rubicon’s Chess Board

Episode 8 of the AMC-TV series Rubicon opens with Ed and Will playing chess outside.

I’ve located that.

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D Is Also For Damned

“With submissions via email, it’s easier than ever for a writer to become nonexistent. All I have to do is hit ‘delete.’ “–an editor I knowSun Oct 31 11:39:52 via web

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Lose Your Mind

‘But,’ I said, ‘now that I am well I haven’t written a story or poem in six months. And worse, it doesn’t even bother me that I haven’t. I am only bothered by not being bothered.’

Prozac Diary by Lauren Slater

My dalliance with smart drugs – and the lesson I learned

It’s great at first – but it has a cost. After a while, you realise that your mental life is oddly depleted. Creative thoughts don’t come to you any more. You are running on the imaginative store you built up before Provigil, and whizzing through it efficiently, but you aren’t inventing anything new. That part of your brain is undernourished. You feel fast and flat.


A car alarm went off in the street and I endured it for a moment or two, but then looked up — waiting, hoping for it to stop, and soon. After a few more seconds it did and I went back to my reading, but as I refocused on the book I saw that I was already on page 237.

I’d only been reading for about twenty minutes.

That last quote is from Alan Glynn’s novel, The Dark Fields.

You better read it before you think about popping any damn pill


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Woot! AMC-TV’s Rubicon Blog Links Here!

On this page:

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They also link to a Stephen King column in which he recommends Rubicon.

Welcome fellow Rubicon fans! Either scroll down the Category or see the direct links to past posts below.

Thanks, AMC-TV and Rubicon blog!

I hope we get an announcement of a second season soon.

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Just As Abraham Lincoln Told You

Amazon, despite the iPad being out there for quite some time now, suddenly posted a comparison between its eInk screen and LCD screens.

Amazon tried to paper this over by saying customers requested it. Srsly?

Someone saw through that:

Click = big

If you are not familiar with the words of A. Lincoln, clicky.

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Sony Kills Words Move Me Site

More Sony PR FAIL today …

It was never a must go to site to begin with, but after announcing it with a bit of fanfare, Sony’s Words Move Me site now redirects to a Facebook signin page!

I don’t know when it went away. Sony communicates like the old (and unmissed) USSR: when it wants to and always poorly.

Yet they still link to it at their press site:

Click = big

By the way, the link to their own blog there is busted too. If I ran Sony, I’d be deducting a hefty fine from Steve Haber’s salary for such negligence. This is why Sony keeps losing: no attention to details.

(I still haven’t gotten a response from Sony to clarify this promotion. It ends tomorrow too. Way to go, Sony!)

Of course I can’t resist a kick to Sony’s shins. Look at how the developer of the Words Move Me site touts its success.

7 percentage points shift in positive sentiment

What does disappearing it do to those “sentiment points,” eh?

They can say what they like. It was a rotten site for anyone who actually read books.

Previously here:

Sony Reader: Over A Million Sold

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Orbit Books Makes A Smart Move

Orbit goes digital first with THE WINDUP GIRL

Time Magazine named The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi as one of its ten best novels of the year. And the book has also won an extraordinary five of 2010′s major international SF awards: the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, Compton Crook Award and John W. Campbell Memorial Award.

To take advantage of the huge buzz for this book (read a free extract HERE), Orbit is taking the unusual step of releasing the ebook edition immediately, as the fastest way of getting this important work to a UK audience. The paperback print edition will be out later, from 2nd December. We are very excited to publish this in the UK, as the extraordinary word-of-mouth excitement for this work in the States has been tremendous and now UK fans will have access to this wonderful book.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Now this is a publisher who not only believes in the future but is also creating it.

How many of the Big Six will look at this move with some horror, worrying simultaneously about:

1) Piracy
2) Locking down the regional rights
3) Cannibalizing their print sales
4) Complaints from dying bookstores

Instead of any of that, Orbit is thinking about its customers — the readers.


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The Evil Future When Your eBook Rings

Can I just toss my phones out the window now? Am sick of being on call 24/7 year-round. *cries*Fri Oct 29 13:59:43 via TweetDeck

@LizUK Just wait until they figure out how to use the 3G in your Kindle to reach you! Oh, I am soooo cruel. “Your eBook is ringing!” LMAO!Fri Oct 29 14:31:17 via web

@mikecane BACK OFF, CANE! :-d you evil person. LOL.Fri Oct 29 14:32:31 via TweetDeck

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The Girl With The Rubicon Tattoo

Someone came here looking for Tanya MacGaffin’s tattoo, from the AMC-TV series, Rubicon.

I have no idea what it is. I’m surprised makeup didn’t cover it.

I also don’t know what the red band on her left wrist means.

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