In Search Of … Rubicon Locations

I had the misfortune to have to be in Manhattan this morning. Misfortune because it was like a monsoon at certain times. Nevertheless, I soldiered on like any good honorary API Operative and got some location photos from two episodes of AMC-TV‘s series Rubicon.

Note that all photos have been resized and resampled to VGA.

Let me begin by putting the API building in its South Street Seaport context:

Click = big

Provisionally, based of the glimpses I’ve been able to see out of its windows, I’m thinking the Conference Room is here:

Click = big

Trouble is, I don’t see any blinds in those windows, so this could change.

Astute viewers will have noticed something, but I’ll save that until the end.

In episode 2, we got a shot of the infamous number 13 parking space used by David Hadas:

It looks like this:

Click = big

In that same episode, Will passes by a stylish building facade:

In daytime, it looks like this:

Click = big

It’s right across the street from the API Building, which is reflected at its left. And this address is 180 Maiden Lane:

Click = big

In that same episode, James Wheeler has a meeting here:

Which is this in real life:

Click = big

And the overall area:

Click = big

Still in episode 2, Wheeler meets with Katherine Rhumor here:

Which looks like this in real-life (that’s the New York Federal Reserve building in the background):

Click = big

And that’s located at:

Click = big

Episode 3 opens with Will walking to work from here:

I circled and passed by that area maybe three times because in real-life, it looks like this:

Click = big

Wow, how that camera made it look so different! Plus, with today’s rain and wind, the banner with the cafe’s name was wrapped around its pole, removing it from my immediate discovery.

Will is followed:

And that’s this:

Click = big

And when Will looks behind from across the street:

It in real-life that actually is across the street:

Click = big

And that’s located at Water and Dover Streets:

Click = big

And from near the end of the block, the entire area looks like this:

Click = big

Now, back at the beginning of this post, sharp eyes will have noticed something in the API Building photo: the front doors were open!

Better views:

Click = big

Click = big

And lookee here:

Click = big

I quickly snuck that photo. Then I slowly peeked in — only to find a security guard staring at the door! So, no other photo for me!

As it was, there wasn’t anything to see. A small area filled with debris and a large fan running. I have no idea what it was all about. I saw no evidence of any API set, either.

I would have liked to have gotten more photos, but the weather barely made getting these possible. Let’s see how tomorrow’s weather is (yeah, I have to be in Manhattan again).

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4 responses to “In Search Of … Rubicon Locations

  1. Thanks for the photos. Waiting for more!

  2. Angela

    Great work! I don’t know how you managed to figure this much out. Looking forward to more clues.
    Soldier on.

    • mikecane

      Being a native New Yorker helps. The main problem is also being a native. I’ve seen these places so many times that I tend not to recall their *exact* locations on the fly. They become just the surroundings.

  3. Vinny

    I have only just recently discovered this show and started watching episodes, and it is a great show. This morning, I stumbled upon your excellent blog pages about the location/building in NYC. Thanks for all your great research, and for having shared it in this blog and your related blogs over the past few months!

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