eInk Screens Lack Consistent Blacks

So Steven Troughton-Smith went and got a Kindle 3.

And he’s done nothing but complain about ghosting and inconsistent blacks. I’ve argued with him that I’ve never seen this on the new Pearl eInk screens (I’ve tried 4 so far) and that his screen must be defective.

He responded with Science!

See his proof after the break.

Click = ginormous

He created a PDF with a black page. As you can see — when that photo is enlarged — he’s proven beyond doubt that it’s not possible to get smooth blacks on an eInk screen. I’d like to see someone do this test on a new Sony Reader too.

To be fair to eInk, the particles that comprise it are not smooth spheres, as prior diagrams explaining the technology have shown. Instead, they are more like the pebbles found at the bottom of an aquarium!

See this post which shows microscopic photos of an eInk screen.

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