Sony’s Reader Store Extortionate Pricing

At the Sony Reader Store, The Iron Duke:

Click = big

At the Kindle Store, The Iron Duke:

Click = big

How is it that if the damned price was set by the publisher — via the price-fixing Trust of the Agency Model — the Kindle Store can still sell it for $5.01 less than you, Sony?

Update: This only looks even worse for Sony now. I keep forgetting there’s a new kid on the eBook block now too: Kobo!

Click = big

Kobo has it for $9.99 too!

It’s clear — Sony is plundering its customers!

Update: See the new post about this.


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3 responses to “Sony’s Reader Store Extortionate Pricing

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  2. Keishon

    That’s not the only time I’ve seen ebooks in the Sony store priced higher than other places. At first I thought it was because the tax was included with the price. I don’t know what to think now. I quit shopping with Sony a long time ago.

    • mikecane

      Sony is its own worst enemy. They don’t have to worry about Amazon — their main worry is their own incompetence!

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