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The Good Night Have A Nice Nightmare Quote

Darwinist Consumerism: What’s the most ethical way to buy books?

Speaking of print book stores:

They no longer sell a product that I use on a regular basis.

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Sony’s Reader Store Wakes Up, Lowers Price

Yesterday, I shredded Sony’s Reader Store for its outrageous pricing of The Iron Duke. They had it for US$15.00, while both Amazon’s Kindle Store and the Kobo Store had it for US$9.99. See: Sony’s Reader Store Extortionate Pricing.

Because I am mean and follow-up, I checked the Reader Store three times today too!

Results: US$15.00, US$15.00, then US$9.99!

They must have been in a sort of panic over there to fix the price because now it has two listings!

Click = big

Now if only someone would show that ADD asshat, Howard Stringer, how an eBookstore should be run — maybe he’ll finally see he should stop chasing OLED and 3D unicorns and attend to existing businesses to make them right.

Sony has absolutely killer hardware in their new line of touchscreened Readers — especially that new Pocket Touch. I don’t want this to be the end of the line for them!


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The Brutal Fist Of Book Sales Numbers

Create your own e-books for free, urges guru (News Feature)

Nielsen Book, the company which issues the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) in Britain, says it provided 800,000 ISBNs last year for books that sold fewer than 10 copies.

In 2004, the tally of these micro-published titles in Britain was just 300,000, meaning the segment has grown 167 per cent in just five years.

A book with a circulation of less than 10 is obviously not profitable, but there may be money to be made with sales of 1,000 and above. Nielsen Book says 18 per cent of book sales in Britain comprises titles selling just 1,000 to 10,000 copies.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


How Much Can You Take?

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“Round Books”

A German author has come up with a new kind of reading experience — a “libroid.”

The “libroid” has no pages and therefore no page numbers — readers keep track of their progress with the percentage of the text they have already read. Authors can add to the text whenever they want.

“Some authors will write round books with endless stories without a beginning or end,” Neffe added.

My head spins.

No mention of what these will be compatible with, device-wise.


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eBooks Have Changed Owning Books

This is not something anyone else has discussed. At least I’ve not seen it.

In all the discussions of how eBooks change things, people tend to focus on the reading and buying aspects: Are people doing more of each?

What they forget is the tsunami of free eBooks that offer instant libraries not possible with traditional print.

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The Ideal eBookstore

I’ve had notes for several days, but seeing Shopping for eBooks the hard way finally made me do this post.

Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore does many things right, but still falls short.

All of the others compared to Amazon are simply pathetic.

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Don’t Be Harold Robbins

So @fakebaldur, as he is wont to do, started being an agent provocateur this morning:

Heresy, but the truth: Any writer who can’t deliver a good story, in decent prose, without an editor, is doomed in an ebook dominated futureWed Oct 06 12:23:03 via web

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Rule of Law Versus Bank Profits: Mortgage Fraud Edition « naked capitalism

Rather than deal with the considerable consequences of these abuses, the banks are prepared to bulldoze well settled state laws to give them an easy way out. And I’m not basing my view on this story alone; I had a conversation yesterday with a Congressional staffer who matter-of-factly said (but with little understanding of the underlying issues) that Congress would intervene on behalf of the industry, via its authority over national banks.

The result is that we institutionalize kleptocracy while keeping largely gutted forms of due process as theater. The powers that be hope that the broad public will remain unaware of what is really at work.

via Rule of Law Versus Bank Profits: Mortgage Fraud Edition « naked capitalism.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

If that happens, if the law is thrown under the bus in the interests of institutionalized fraud — fraud as the new law of the land, in fact — the wreckage of this nation will be complete.  And then the blood will flow into the sewers of the streets like rain after a downpour.

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Choosing An Editor For Your Work

Yesterday over at The Blood-Red Pencil, they featured: Ask The Editor Free-For-All Tuesday Today by Morgan Mandel.

I jumped in with:

1) How should an independent writer — who will direct publish — select an editor?

2) Should an editor, after a first read, tell a writer they really shouldn’t work together because the editor is not in sync with the work, instead of doing a half-hearted job?

And got two interesting replies that can help anyone who is interested in professionally going the direct-publishing route.

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