Comic Book Sales Plummet: Down 20%!

Comics sales down 20% in 2010. Ivc2 whitepaperThu Oct 07 17:29:46 via Echofon

Oh, so that accounts for DC Comics’ latest move.

It’s the “We Can All Have Less And Stay Alive Or Kill Ourselves Being Stubborn Wanting What We Want.”

eBook publishers in the Big 6, take note. Your time is coming up in the days ahead.

And there’s more …

Digital comics market estimated at $6-8 million in 2010Thu Oct 07 17:40:52 via Echofon

In Japan digital comics are a US$600 million a year industry. #thewayofthefutureThu Oct 07 18:10:50 via Echofon

Much frustration with Apple from digital comics panel.Thu Oct 07 18:40:50 via Echofon

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