DC Comics Slashes Prices, Will eBooks Learn?

DC Comics Drops Prices To $2.99 For 2011

“As Co-Publishers, we listened to our fans and to our partners in the retail community who told us that a $3.99 price point for 32 pages was too expensive. Fans were becoming increasingly reluctant to sample new titles and long term fans were beginning to abandon titles and characters that they’d collected for years.” said Dan DiDio, DC Comics Co-Publisher. “We needed a progressive pricing strategy that supports our existing business model and, more importantly, allows this creative industry to thrive for years to come.[“]

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

This is a very interesting move.

Averse to the abattoirs printed comic books are sold in, I have no idea how long the $3.99 price has been in effect.

At The iPad Test blog, I had two posts about comic book pricing:

Comic Book Pricing

When Will Comic Publishers Learn?

What I wonder about now, is what the prices of eComics are.

Did DC Comics simply drop the price to parity with their digital comics?

If digital comics are $2.99 a pop, DC Comics will be waiting some time after I finally have an iPad to get me as a customer. I think digital comics should be a buck a pop. Let those who want the souvenir of paper pay more for that fetishistic premium.

The lesson here, however, is that DC Comics listened to its readers. They said the prices were too high.

How many times must that be said to the Big 5 and their price-fixing Trust of the Agency Model for eBooks? Will they see bleak sales down the road and fool themselves by saying, “Well, people just aren’t reading anymore?” Wake up!

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