Random House’s Marcus Dohle Has A Moment Of Stupid

Random House sees e-book sales jumping: CEO

If the report is to believed, he actually said this:

Random House is so far not offering its books on Apple’s iPad because Dohle said he was not sure about Apple’s model which forces publishers to determine the end-consumer price, unlike for printed books which are priced by retailers.

“We’ve got to think very hard about whether we want this drastic change in our business model,” he said. “The question is if publishers know how to find the right retail price… This hasn’t been our job in the past.”

Um, wut?

Then how do those prices get on all of those Random House printed books? Is it pixie dust or pricing unicorns? Or are the prices that Random House puts there just, what, imaginary to begin with?

Hey, Dohle, wanna set a precedent? Why not just put You Pick The Price buttons on all your eBooks? Go on, be the Priceline of publishing. You’ll teach the other Big 5 something they’ll never forget.

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