The Obsolete Panic Of Print

The Giller Effect: The Long, Short, and Unintended

Three days later, our three thousand copy print run is completely gone. We have over 2400 copies in (or on their way to) stores and at wholesalers at the moment. Minus whatever we have sold over the last couple of weeks: BookNet Canada says XXX, but our primary market has always existed outside of these places. That may change now with this book. We are, I would say, in pretty good shape. By the end of next week 4000 more copies will be making their way to the warehouse, to fill the more than 2000 additional orders now waiting. We’ve set up dozens of interviews, are in the process of following up on more than hundreds of review copies, setting up additional events.

What is the point of the printed object?

To be read.

Is it an eBook?

It is not.

Instead of making people wait for a print object to wend its way to them, they could have gotten it immediately from eBookstores.

The publisher would not have had to spend another cent to accomplish that. No calling the bank to extend credit, no rush fees to printers, no arranging of logistics to get X to Z.

Come and join us here in the 21st century already!

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