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In Search Of … Rubicon Locations #2

I love the way the AMC-TV series Rubicon uses New York City locations. Not since The Equalizer in the 1980s has so much of the grittier and memorable areas of the city been seen.

In this post, I show more locations from the series as they appear in real life.

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In Search Of … Rubicon’s Conference Room

I’m pretty sure my initial thinking was correct about where the API conference room in the AMC-TV series Rubicon is located.

I said here:

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Rubicon’s API Gets On Twitter

I’m sent an email when someone new Follows me on Twitter (yes, I am watching you starting to watch me).

I was shocked that Kale Ingram of the AMC-TV series Rubicon started Following me. And within a day, who else do I find on Twitter? Truxton Spangler, Maggie Young, and Tanya MacGaffin too!

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The Never Give A Sucker An Even Break Culture

Bright Spot for the Music Industry: Product Placement Is Pirate-Proof

Regardless of whether users pay to download videos or songs, whose lyrics can also feature paid shout-outs to brands, they’re still getting the marketing message.

If their mothers were prostitutes, they’d get their mother’s phone numbers placed in songs and videos.

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