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Borders Begins To Fix Its eCommerce!

Update, Monday October 11, 2010: the missing “download ePub” buttons have appeared! And a bit about Gift Cards. See in post.

I raked Borders over the coals in a prior post: Borders FAILs eCommerce 101!

And because I am mean, I follow-up on things.

Well, they shocked me! After screaming tweeting them again about this earlier in the week, I find out today they’ve changed it!

See the proof after the break.

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Amazon Now Calls Them “Kindle eBooks”

This must have changed very recently, but I noticed it today.

A screensnap from July 19, 2010:

Click = big

A screensnap from today, October 10, 2010:

Click = big

What accounted for that change? Were there people who thought they were ordering printed books and then complained when they didn’t appear via their printer?!

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All Of American Business Was Built On It!

Why e-books are a weight off my mind

What all this suggests is that, with consumer technology at least, convenience trumps everything.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Look, I know he’s a Brit, so I cut him some slack for the silly “What all this suggests …” equivocation.

But I cut zero slack to print publishers here in America.

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Quote Of The Day

A Comment at this post: How driving a car into Manhattan costs $160

Damn, I love it when knowledgeable people with attitude slap down a libertarian using actual facts and good examples. It’s like antibodies protecting the body-politic. Thanks guys!

Thank you, ideological antibodies!

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Soylent Pink Is Chicken

Say hello to mechanically separated chicken.

I had absolutely no idea of this. Not a clue. Maybe I’m the last one to know?

Please do not tell me how cat food is made. No, do not.

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Big Splash: Bluefire Reader For Adobe-DRMed eBooks On iOS

I’m almost giddy with excitement this morning over the Bluefire Reader. Am going to do a quickie post. Thanx @mikecane for heads up.Sun Oct 10 15:34:07 via Tweetie for Mac

All you iPhone/iTouch readers have to get Bluefire Rdr. U can now read ENCRYPTED DRM’s on ur iOS devices. Am doing postSun Oct 10 15:38:51 via Tweetie for Mac

That’s Jane Litte, She Who Must Be Obeyed from the influential Dear Author site.

I tweeted her the news of the Bluefire Reader for iOS and she jumped on it and in less than a half hour, that was her reaction.

Compliant with “classic” Adobe DRM, iOS devices will now be able to read eBooks from public libraries and every ePub eBookstore except Barnes & Noble (which uses a proprietary variant; but that doesn’t much matter on iOS devices, since there is a B&N Nook app). See update.

As usual, I have to sit this out due to kittens.

Update: And here is Jane’s post.


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