All Of American Business Was Built On It!

Why e-books are a weight off my mind

What all this suggests is that, with consumer technology at least, convenience trumps everything.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Look, I know he’s a Brit, so I cut him some slack for the silly “What all this suggests …” equivocation.

But I cut zero slack to print publishers here in America.

They should know better.

The entire history of consumer goods has been about selling convenience.

It’s why the Kindle triumphed over the Sony Reader: the convenience of wireless!

(Go on. Show me the one ad anywhere in America that has ever said up front, “This will make your life harder, more difficult, and inconvenience the hell out of you” — or even words to that effect!)

Why can’t these publishers — who order-in pizza or Chinese when they’re stuck at the office with a Crash Book — see this?

Dragging blocks of paper from warehouse to warehouse to bookstores is no longer convenient.

Expecting people who get all other things through the Internet to get off their butts and go to a bookstore is no longer convenient.

Wake up!


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