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In Search Of … Rubicon’s Katherine Rhumor’s Home

In episode 10 of the AMC-TV series Rubicon, we see where Katherine Rhumor lives.

Oh yes. I found it!

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AMC-TV’s Rubicon Messes With My Head!

Q&A – Henry Bromell (Executive Producer)

We rent a building near the South Street Seaport in New York, on the East River, down at the end of Wall Street, and we have everything in there. All the offices and even Will’s apartment is there.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

What? Even Will’s apartment?!


If that’s true, they did a damn good job with that set! I thought it was an actual NYC apartment!

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Microsoft Validates My PC

The Zombie Network: Beware ‘Free Public WiFi’

Microsoft is aware of the issue and says it has eliminated the network in more recent versions of Windows. It also created a fix to the problem for the older version of Windows XP — Windows XP Service Pack 3 — but many people still haven’t updated their computers.

That’s for the little Quislings who ran here to defend Blio’s crapware that required SP3 and even more MS bloatware.

If Microsoft is telling you people haven’t upgraded, believe it! That’s your Daddy talking, Quisling!

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HowTo: Buy Borders eBooks With A Gift Card

The system turns out to be counter to my intuition, but still, there’s actually a way to buy eBooks with a Borders Gift Card!

Here, I’m going to simulate buying a book.

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What I Like Hearing/Reading

Working on my last evaluation for a publisher. Giving up this client so I can write more. Thank-you, e-books!Mon Oct 11 17:18:41 via web

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Sony Popularizes Google Vandalizing Books

What is wrong with all of these companies that have hooked into Google Books? Are all of the people at them non-readers? Lazy? Mere suckhogs who never do a proper job and who show up only because they feel entitled to a check of some kind?

I’m stabbing Sony in this post because it was at its Reader Store that I did this. Also, Sony was the first to hook up with Google, then all of the other eBookstores followed it.

But all of them should be similarly ashamed!

See the wretched gore after the break.

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BBC’s Sherlock Coming To America

Sherlock Holmes Update to be Available Online for Free

Here is the guide to viewing the three episodes:

Episode 1: WTF? But that was oddly good.
Episode 2: WTF? My god, was that awful!
Episode 3: Yes, this is exactly what Conan Doyle himself would have done today. It’s full of WIN!

But you can’t skip episode 2 because it’s necessary for character development.

I can’t wait for the next group of Sherlock!


Tumblr: BBC: Sherlock
Tumblr Evac: BBC: Sherlock, Episode 3

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