HowTo: Buy Borders eBooks With A Gift Card

The system turns out to be counter to my intuition, but still, there’s actually a way to buy eBooks with a Borders Gift Card!

Here, I’m going to simulate buying a book.

I sign into my already existing Borders account (you can set one up on the fly for yourself).

I’m going for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and I hit the “Buy Now & Download” button highlighted in bright blue:

Click = big

I’m then taken to a form to fill in my name and address for billing purposes, a step I’d expect at any eBookstore:

Click = big

I do that and Borders does a curious thing:

Click = big

I’ve redacted my address, but what it wanted to do was abbreviate my street designation, instead of using the full word as I entered. No problem! I hit Next and here’s the important bit highlighted in bright blue:

Click = big

And there it is. Fill in that bit and you can buy eBooks with a Borders Gift Card!

This was only a simulation of the steps to that point because right now I don’t actually have a Borders Gift Card.

I saw one at Borders this weekend and that brings up a whole set of questions I’ll have to ask at the store. Because they don’t seem to come in prepaid increments (such as $15, $25, etc).

Anyway, right now eBook shopping at Borders is a Go for everyone who doesn’t have plastic up front!

Well done, Borders!


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5 responses to “HowTo: Buy Borders eBooks With A Gift Card

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  2. morris

    I did use a Borders Gift Card to the value of $50 which I entered into the Borders Account I had set up. I purchased a book to the value of $10.95 and at the time it gave me my balance after the purchase. Two months later I went back into my account to find my balance is now zero! After advising Borders of my incorrect account balance they informed me I need to re-enter the card number, which of course I no longer have! They apologised and advised they can’t do anything to help. Obviously they would have the number on their records as it was entered electronically. Not impressed. Stick with Amazon!

  3. ingrid m

    Borders gift cards can be purchased for any amount from $5 to $3000 at the stores.

    • mikecane

      $3,000?! My advice would never to go much higher than you *immediately* plan to buy. This is to minimize any computing errors that might occur that could wipe out an outstanding credit balance. Having an error like that corrected would be tedious, to say the least.

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