Bluefire Reader For iOS: No Public Library Books

A correction at Jane’s post about the Bluefire Reader states that, after all, it cannot yet do DRMed eBooks from public libraries as I initially thought.

The Comments there lead to a Mobileread thread where Micah from Bluefire confirms it:

Your Library books may not be transferrable to enable the “early return” option. To read them in BFR, you would need to download them directly to the device. This is possible with BFR, but unfortunately at present this requires that a library make a specific type of link to do that (easy to do, but Libraries are not particularly nimble at times). We have an idea that may work so that they don’t have to do that. May be in the first update (very soon). I’ll post on that as I know more.

So … close. But not yet.

Previously here:

Big Splash: Bluefire Reader For Adobe-DRMed eBooks On iOS

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One response to “Bluefire Reader For iOS: No Public Library Books

  1. Yes, we thought we had that working, but running into some snags now in the wild. Very focused on that now. I’ll post on progress on that as we know more. Really trying to get that in an update in the next week(s) if at all possible.

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