Mark Billingham’s Thorne Comes To TV!

Writer Mark Billingham’s email list (one of the few I get and actually read) brought news today that two of his crime fiction novels, Sleepyhead and Scaredy Cat, have been adapted into a TV series that will air on Sky One in the UK this Sunday at 9PM local time.

Sky One has done up a huge site for it, which includes video clips that can be seen here in the U.S. (unlike BBC’s clips).

There’s also an iOS app!

David Morrissey — who played the ersatz Steampunk Doctor Who in the last Christmas special — will play Thorne.

Unfortunately, Sky One didn’t think to plop at least one promo on YouTube so I could embed it here. So I took the one from Mark Billingham’s site and uploaded it to YouTube. It gave me chills!

The quality isn’t the best, but watch!

Congratulations to Mark!


Writer Mark Billingham website

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