QR Codes Heat Up

With Their Own QR Code Trick, Bit.ly Eats Google’s Balls

Back in April, Google added a very nifty feature to their URL shortener, goo.gl. If you simply add “.qr” to any shortened URL, you will be taken to a page with a QR code for that URL. If you scan that image with a QR code reader, it will take you to the link that was originally shortened.

I didn’t know creating a QR Code was now so easy.

Although I just tweeted that this means writers can embed QR Codes in their eBooks — for their websites and other available eBooks — I wonder if a QR Code displayed on an eInk screen would register on a cellphone camera? (Yes, you can tell I have zero personal experience using QR Codes …)

Anyone out there want to try and report in Comments?

In fact, let me try that trick here. Tell me where this QR Code leads you:


@artistikem in Comments said:

I downloaded the picture [of the QR Code], had to convert it into a PDF to sync it with my Sony Reader and it worked perfectly.

Click = big

That’s an old school Sony PRS-600.

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4 responses to “QR Codes Heat Up

  1. http://goo.gl/GAXc is what I got. Straight off the laptop screen. Didn’t go online because I’ve got data & wifi turned off on my iPhone.

    A QR code of an eink screen should work. I’ve even seen someone draw a QR code on a piece of paper and have it work. QR codes are old, low, ancient tech.

    QR codes don’t work on most iPhones, though. You need to install an app for it (i-nigma is the one I have). And the vast majority of phones that do QR codes are feature phones with useless browsers.

    It’s a neat piece of tech, but which do you think is more useful to a reader: A clear, memorable and readable URL, or a weird piece of abstract art that a user could possibly turn into a URL if they knew how?

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  3. I scanned it with my Android from my computer monitor and it took me to that same address, which is Rubicon’s Official Site, what a surprise.

    Then I downloaded the picture, had to convert it into a PDF to sync it with my Sony Reader and it worked perfectly.

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