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Opera Killed Itself With An Update This Morning

I have no idea what they did, but Opera became slower and the routines for drawing the screen were all messed-up.

It took me less than a full day of use to decide to ditch it, it was that bad.

Rather than go through the hell of rolling back, I decided to give Firefox 3.6 a try.

It’s not as fast as the first iteration of Opera I had (which was heaven!), but it kicks the asses of both Chrome and Safari.

So, for now, it stays.

As they say, YMMV.


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Developers battle with over 100 different versions of Android | Enterprise | News | PC Pro

During beta testing of its new software, TweetDeck encountered more than 36,000 testers using an enormous pool of 244 different handets, according to the Tweetdeck blog.

via Developers battle with over 100 different versions of Android | Enterprise | News | PC Pro

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Wake-Up Call 25,739 To Print Publishing

eBookNewser: eBook Sales Composed 9% of Consumer Book Sales in August

They have a spreadsheet chart of numbers there.

I took some of those numbers and poured them into an online graphmaker.

See the bloodbath after the break.

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Writer Moxie Mezcal Hits 11 On Kindle List

Congratulations to Guerrilla Fiction pioneer Moxie Mezcal whose book, Concrete Underground, hit 11 on the Amazon Kindle Mystery/Thrillers Hardboiled best-seller list!

See the screensnap proof:

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