Wake-Up Call 25,739 To Print Publishing

eBookNewser: eBook Sales Composed 9% of Consumer Book Sales in August

They have a spreadsheet chart of numbers there.

I took some of those numbers and poured them into an online graphmaker.

See the bloodbath after the break.

No, the charts aren’t Teh Pretteh, but you have to be dumber than a politician not to see what the hell is happening here.

The first chart:

Total Trade: Actual Reported Sales, in $Millions

Wow! What’s that in vogue term all the cool kids use these days?

Falling off a cliff!

The 2010 dollar amount is lower than the 2002 amount!

Eight years wiped out!

And that’s with inflated book prices!

Can you say “bloodbath”? I knew you could!

The second chart:

eBooks: Actual Reported Sales, in $Millions

Listen to Wally, print publishers!


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5 responses to “Wake-Up Call 25,739 To Print Publishing

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  2. Well, the numbers in the first graph is only using the 2010 sales from january to august. This means september to december is missing, right? At least in this country (Denmark) the publishing industry was “saved” in those last months until christmas.

    • mikecane

      I really doubt it’ll hit 2002 numbers for print by then. We’ll see. You’re not the first to point out August being the only data there, but that’s the data I had to work with — and the eBook trend is clear nevertheless.

  3. Olympia Press

    There’s a lot of sad-looking people out here in Book Festival Land (currently, Austin, TX, my final stop for the year). But at least a few publishers are learning. It will be interesting to see what happens after Xmas.

    /Some of us net about $3.50* on a $15 trade paper after returns ‘n so forth, varying by market (more for C-Space Professional, less for LSI) and about… ~ $3.50 ~ on a $4.99 ebook, varying slightly where it’s sold (more for direct, less for Kobo).

    //However, if you explain those numbers to people, and how the 2/3rds price “cut” can, in fact, increase sales, at least for others, and how said hypothetical increase allows ya to offer advances ‘n stuff, while among other things supporting the carnality of a writer who’s moved to Tijuana and posts videos from the Hong Kong Club regularly, they may ignore you ’til the rest of the show.

    *Non-POD house nets around $4.50 on a $15 trade paper after everything but royalties. ~Ish.~

    • mikecane

      Print publishing snootily prides itself on how “smart” they all are. Except when it comes to the bloody pricing lesson Henry Ford taught *everybody*.

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