eBook Format-Shifting Goes Legit

I violate my semi-hard policy of not linking to HuffPo or Konrath — and because I’m double-teamed by them and must link.

eBooks And The Ease Of Self-Publishing

“Draculas” will be exclusive on Kindle for a year, as a favor to Amazon since they’ve been so helpful. But those with other brands of ereaders will be able to buy “Draculas” from Amazon and convert it to the format of their choice with free ebook software like Calibre or Stanza. We have instructions for doing this on our website, http://www.draculasthebook.com.

That is exactly why people strip DRM.

Buy cheap at Amazon, strip the DRM, convert to ePub for your ePub device of choice: Kobo Reader, Nook, Sony Reader, whatever (iPad even!).

Here, a writer who has made himself well-known (I bite my tongue otherwise), is openly endorsing the concept of format-shifting.

Does Amazon care?

Hell no. They get the money.

Remember, if Bezos is to be believed, The Kindle Store and Kindle hardware are separate “companies” within Amazon with separate P&L and separate goals. If Amazon was strictly interested in selling hardware (as, say, Sony must be), we’d have never seen the release of any Kindle-platform software for other devices.

I wonder how many other writers publishing directly through Amazon will catch on to this idea and remove the DRM from their books?

Think of it: A writer simply has to create a Kindle file. Let the buyer convert it to what they want it to be.

That’s a strategy for increased sales.

And for fewer headaches: one payment statement, from Amazon, not eBookstores A-Z.

Amazon would never have to support ePub. Just make it possible for its buyers to do so.

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Amazon Can Exterminate Everyone Else In eBooks

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