I Began To Wonder

Crystal Cathedral files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The Cathedral, which has been a landmark and a tourist attraction with its glistening glass tower, is now faced with $55 million in debt because of the economy and dwindling contributions.

I’m not here to gloat.

I liked watching Schuller from time to time in the 1970s and 1980s, even though I never thought he was what he presented himself to be.

But he was a very good storyteller.

And his best story was about raising funds for what is now a white elephant: the Crystal Cathedral.

He wanted what he wanted (I don’t know if it’s what God wanted, though) and it had the dollar price of X.

His thought process in raising the money was fascinating. He kept breaking it down into smaller chunks. Could he raise $1M from X number of people? No. Could he raise $100,000 from X number? Until he got it down to a small enough dollar amount for the average person to contribute.

Of course, he wound up with some huge contributions in there, but I loved the point of attacking a problem until it was several smaller problems which could be solved.

Here’s a big interview with him from 1997. Given his comments in that about debt, someone took their eyes off the books.

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  1. Great post! Crystal Cathedral is amazing!

    <3 Kel

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