You Can’t Sell What People Don’t Want

A Farewell Note From the Publisher

I invested more than $50,000.00 of my own money into reviving this magazine. I tried every traditional method I could think of to increase the circulation, but nothing worked. I also spent a great deal of money trying nontraditional methods. I advertised online with Google and Facebook, neither of which came close to covering their costs. And we created DRM-free electronic versions of the magazine to see if that would help increase our circulation. Sadly, the DRM-free versions never sold more than twenty five copies per issue, and the Kindle editions sold fewer still.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The last time I read a fiction magazine was back in the 1980s, when The Twilight Zone magazine was published.

I never went for the SF/F digests. They had nasty, nasty paper that offended me. (Towards its end, TZ mag got nasty paper too.)

Now that they can be had in e, I still don’t want these digests. Short stories irritate me. I like something I can be surrounded by. With short stories, by the time I get really into it — it’s over!

Should there be any interest in purchasing the magazine I will gladly sell Realms to a responsible party for $1.00 and give them the finished files for the December issue.

I’ll hang onto my buck, thanks. Even if it wasn’t earmarked first for kittens.

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