The Internet Death Star

Money vs. Cool

Facebook was cool. It didn’t launch everywhere in a day. You wanted it and couldn’t get it. And when you finally got it, it worked flawlessly. The interface was seamless and page refreshes were fast and connecting with everybody you once knew was thrilling. Where’s the money in that equation? NOWHERE!

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The Do Not Press was cool. Hard Case Crime is cool.

Is any Big 6 publisher cool?


And they can’t even fake it.

So while they clutch their pearls and restrain trade via price-fixing, the floor they’re standing on is being eaten away by independent writers — who they once had under contract! — lowballing them with $2.99 eBooks.


For all their alleged smarts, the Big 6 could have swooped in, made $4.99 the floor for fiction, $9.99 the floor for non-fiction, seen sales go the moon and kept that price point for years.

Now it’s too late.

If they try to grab an advantage, it’ll stink of desperation.

The Internet Death Star will kill you, Big 6.

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