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dotEPUB Bookmarklet: You Want This!


Visit an article webpage you want to save or transfer to your e-reader as an e-book. Just press the dotEPUB bookmark in your browser’s toolbar.

The video shows it using Adobe Digital Editions. If you have a slower machine, like I do, I recommend getting FBReader to quickly open ePubs for fast previewing.

It made a wonderful ePub out of this long article. Makes me wish so much that I had a Sony Reader Pocket Touch here to complete its use!



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Dorchester Publishing Cheating Its Writers

Tales of the WTF: Dorchester Reverts Rights, But Continues To Sell Digital Books

Dorchester: Resorting to Dirty Deeds?

Expect more of this to happen. Things will get grim for those whose sales depend heavily on print.

Even if you think the company is solid and legit, when it comes to money, things change very quickly.

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Apple Kicks Windows Out Of Homes

Microsoft thought it would be Windows Everywhere for a time, back when Apple was still a crippled thing that no one thought would survive.

Well, with today’s Back to the Mac event, it’s clear to me that Apple is going to be kicking Windows out of homes right and left.

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eBook Quote Of The Day

It’s not like holding a real book

I cannot think of a single instance in which the attributes of a physical book are better than those of an eBook.


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Hard Case Crime To Do eBooks!

This news just made my day: Hard Case Crime Crosses the Atlantic

New books will be published in paperback (possibly some in hardcover as well!); ebook editions will also be released across multiple platforms. Titan is distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Random House.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I know this probably won’t apply to the backlist, as they didn’t contract for eBooks with most — if not all — of them.

But at least forthcoming titles will be in e.

Hard Case Crime is a great publisher.

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Rushkoff Understands Publishing

Why I Left My Publisher in Order to Publish a Book

The corporate book industry can’t grow at the rate required by publicly held companies, anyway. This is why it is failing. Publishing is a sustainable business, not a growth industry. So it needs to be run by people looking for sustainable projects and careers—not runaway profits.

Boldfaced emphasis in the original.

Really, if someone came up to me and said, “I’ve got a great idea to make us rich. We’ll publish books!”, I’d run like hell the other way.

There are businesses that create new things and reach the moon. Like Google. Then there are businesses that should be glad just to remain in business. That’s book publishing.

If you can’t tell the difference, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. It’s in Brooklyn.

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Greed: A Case In Point

So writer David Hewson went all nuclear because someone somewhere was going to make, what, three lousy dollars he wasn’t going to pocket by selling a review copy of one of his books.

If he ever read his damned publishing contract, he’d see that review copies are expected to be given out and do not count towards royalties. They are off-book. These copies are gambles that the publisher takes for his benefit, in the hope his work will be read and pimped by some outlet.

He, apparently, can’t expand his brain pan to embrace this simple concept that is Writer Contract 101.

He thinks he did good by slapping down this one sale.

I’ve got news for him. The Strand Bookstore in NYC, its entire business is built on discarded review copies. And most of those are unread review copies. With the press release still tucked inside them.

I’ve bought books like that. Was I ripping off some writer? Did I feel guilty in any way buying one?

Hell no.

Nor should you if you buy a review copy or ARC on eBay or elsewhere.

They don’t count.

Hewson seems, at heart, to have the spirit of Scrooge. All mine! mine! mine!

Now I wait for him to wake up to the fact that more than one person can share an eBook account and have a heart attack over it.

That’s right, David Hewson. One person can pay for one eBook and more than one person can read it. Dear god, we’re all ruined!

All you did was deprive someone who wanted to read your book of the chance to do so. That’s in your best interest? For three rotten bucks?

Grow up, Hewson.

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Rot In Hell, Ayn Rand

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Memo To Barnes & Noble

Let’ see LEN RIGGIO of B&N get up on stage next week to INTRO AND DEMO the new Nook. #ResignYouDinosaurWed Oct 20 12:44:43 via web

New Nook or whatever being announced next week.

Big deal.

It all goes nowhere until:

1) Barnes & Noble drops its mutant DRM and uses “classic” Adobe DRM to make its bookstore compatible with everyone else

2) The Nook is sold internationally

Until then, the Nook is a Barnes & Noble lock-in-our-customers device doomed to be crushed by Amazon and Kobo.

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Len Riggio Must Resign This Week From Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble Is Sooooo Dead

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Rot In Hell, Ayn Rand

Guest post: Fuck you, Wall Street.

Greed is selfishness. Greed doesn’t give a flying fuck about what happens to this country so long as the capitalists and corporatists can turn a profit. No private company has done anything for society where the underlying motive was not for the profit of the company first. Greed did not put a man on the moon. Greed did not give us the Internet. Capitalism and greed, in their purest forms, are sociopathic. They are a psychological disease of self-centrism and egotism. “More and more for me, me, me” and fuck the consequences.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I’ll also add that greed didn’t give us science.

Scientist: “I’ve discovered this!”

Fat Capitalist Bastard: “So what? What good is that?”

Capitalist Toady Weasel: “Ooh! We can make money with that!”

Fat Capitalist Bastard: “So you stupid eggheads have a use after all!”

That’s how it goes.

If every crooked banker, every greed-driven trader, every sociopathic money-grubbing shit in this nation were strung up or shot to death, you know what would happen?

Life would go on!

And it’d be better.


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New Digital Book In The iBookstore

First fiction ebook in iBookstore with video http://bit.ly/drqR8z And they used my EPUB book to figure out how to do it! #eprdctnWed Oct 20 10:47:44 via YoruFukurou

iPadless still due to kittens (who are actually catlets now), I won’t be seeing this for quite some time.

First fiction ebook in iBookstore with video!
Awkward Two
Awkward Two videos

I can’t provide a direct link to the book. I launched iTunes only to remember that the iBookstore can’t be accessed through it. Maybe that will change later today with the Apple announcements.

Update: Nate the Great of The Digital Reader managed to outdo me and find an iTunes link.


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