Apple Kicks Windows Out Of Homes

Microsoft thought it would be Windows Everywhere for a time, back when Apple was still a crippled thing that no one thought would survive.

Well, with today’s Back to the Mac event, it’s clear to me that Apple is going to be kicking Windows out of homes right and left.

At one time, Apple was mimicking the Microsoft idea of a “digital hub.” That would be a Mac that would feed a TV and other devices.

A center with spokes radiating from it.

Watch this video and see how much things have changed since his original vision:

Instead, we’re seeing everything decentralized — who would have expected to edit video on an iPhone, for example — which is working in Apple’s favor.

Originally, people needed a Mac to enjoy an iPod. Then Apple got wise and released iTunes for Windows.

That allowed Apple to infiltrate homes with its products.

People don’t need a Mac to enjoy an iPhone or an iPad today.

And what the iPhone and iPad deliver are experiences so superior to Windows, that people have to be looking at their Windows-driven (if not Windows-ruined) PCs and wanting the same seamless ease of use they have on those devices.

Apple’s reported increased Mac sales.

Why? There is no iPhoto for Windows. There is no Multitouch for Windows.

These two things are made for everyday people.

The corporate world — which Windows dominates — has no need for a personal app like iPhoto. But everyday people with their millions and millions of digital cameras do.

And iPhoto on the iPhone and iPad have shown people the usefulness of Multitouch.

And installing apps? Look at how easy it is on the iPhone and iPad!

On Windows? My God! I have an old version of a program that I can’t exterminate bits of stuck on my hard drive. And that stuck bit leads to repeated problems installing updated versions of that software.

How many other people wind up going through that nightmare?

Consider what I encountered when I tried to use Blio!

Do you think people who just want to use computers are going to put up with that? They Just Want It To Work.

Apple is going to straighten out that mess with the new App Store for Mac OS. Finding, buying, and installing will be iOS-easy.

And that’s why Windows will be kicked out of home after home in the months ahead. Windows in homes will be seen as the new Linux — something only techies want to have.

It will be Macintosh in the home.

And Windows at work.

And given the mess business has created for us with the subprime crisis, et al, I can’t think of a better punishment for it than to have to deal with Windows Forever.


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2 responses to “Apple Kicks Windows Out Of Homes

  1. Shock Me

    I think it has become decentralized because all of the things Steve talked about cameras, DVD players, CD players, PDAs, got smarter and and more networked and now we are talking about a constellation of smart devices that chat back and forth each one contributing data from it’s unique blend of sensors and displaying it on the nearest and most convenient screen.

    The attraction many have for MS Windows and Android is a tradeoff of integration for best of breed pieces that Apple has not focused on. This less integrated solution allows them to penetrate business by offering multiple specialized or commodity hardware configurations and competing bids which are the way of life in corporate and government sales.

    Bring on the King of the Jungle baby!

    • mikecane

      Not only has that worked to Apple’s advantage, but Apple has recognized that change as it has happened and been nimble enough to take advantage of it. How unlike many other companies!

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