New Digital Book In The iBookstore

First fiction ebook in iBookstore with video And they used my EPUB book to figure out how to do it! #eprdctnWed Oct 20 10:47:44 via YoruFukurou

iPadless still due to kittens (who are actually catlets now), I won’t be seeing this for quite some time.

First fiction ebook in iBookstore with video!
Awkward Two
Awkward Two videos

I can’t provide a direct link to the book. I launched iTunes only to remember that the iBookstore can’t be accessed through it. Maybe that will change later today with the Apple announcements.

Update: Nate the Great of The Digital Reader managed to outdo me and find an iTunes link.


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2 responses to “New Digital Book In The iBookstore

  1. laura

    Excellent! Unfortunately even though I have an iPad, I won’t be seeing it any time soon either since there is nothing in the Swiss iBookstore except for Gutenberg titles.

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