Rot In Hell, Ayn Rand

Guest post: Fuck you, Wall Street.

Greed is selfishness. Greed doesn’t give a flying fuck about what happens to this country so long as the capitalists and corporatists can turn a profit. No private company has done anything for society where the underlying motive was not for the profit of the company first. Greed did not put a man on the moon. Greed did not give us the Internet. Capitalism and greed, in their purest forms, are sociopathic. They are a psychological disease of self-centrism and egotism. “More and more for me, me, me” and fuck the consequences.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I’ll also add that greed didn’t give us science.

Scientist: “I’ve discovered this!”

Fat Capitalist Bastard: “So what? What good is that?”

Capitalist Toady Weasel: “Ooh! We can make money with that!”

Fat Capitalist Bastard: “So you stupid eggheads have a use after all!”

That’s how it goes.

If every crooked banker, every greed-driven trader, every sociopathic money-grubbing shit in this nation were strung up or shot to death, you know what would happen?

Life would go on!

And it’d be better.


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3 responses to “Rot In Hell, Ayn Rand

  1. The last line of todays xkcd comic supplements this argument nicely:

  2. Life WOULD be better. I feel a song coming on…

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