Best Buy’s eBook Reader Selection

I stopped in lower Broadway Best Buy this morning to see if they’d made any changes to their eBook area. They’ve added the Kindle. They also have a new Sony Reader display — but it was a very weird trio of demo models: PRS-300, PRS-600, and a non-working Daily Edition with the new interface (PRS-950?).

I didn’t take photos of the top shelf with the demo models. The real action is below that, in what’s being stocked.


That’s the white Kindle 3 center bottom, WiFi/3G version.

A trio of must-avoid losers:


Pandigital Novel, Sharper Image Literati, Cruz Reader.


The three new models of Sony Reader (despite the weird demo model display).

And then it gets outright gruesome:


Don’t even touch that package. Run away!

This was interesting:


Best Buy’s use of QR Codes on those tags. Anyone want to try scanning that and telling me what you get?

In the first photo, they have lots of empty space on that top shelf. Making room for next week’s new rumored Nook Color?

Also of interest: they stock Gift Cards to buy eBooks from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Sony.



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3 responses to “Best Buy’s eBook Reader Selection

  1. Richard S.

    The bar code gives the Best Buy mobile site for the same product, same price:

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  3. Rudy

    Buy nothing made in the U.s. , ever.

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