In Search Of … Rubicon Locations #3

Despite AMC-TV leaving us in limbo with respect to Rubicon, I continue my quest to photograph locations that I can find from the series.

This post is a mixture of more than one episode.

Click on any photo for enlargement. My photos were rescaled and resampled to VGA.

Let’s jump into episode 12, with Katherine Rhumor being sent to a safehouse and Kale Ingram walking to it.

And that is this in real life:

It it looks vaguely familiar, it should! They cheated! Camera setups are expensive, so they just went one block away from where Katherine Rhumor’s home is — this is connected to the building across the street from her place, where the spy stood and watched Will!

There’s Katherine’s place red-arrowed:

Other views of this area:

Back in episode 10, I thought there was a clue to where Kale Ingram’s place was:

I should have found that earlier, but I thought it said “Hudson & Broadway.” It’s “Hudson & Broad,” a place at 154 Hudson Street, just a few blocks away from Katherine Rhumor’s place.

It looks like this today, in real life:

That would put Kale’s place in the building diagonally opposite:

Wider view:

No. That’s nothing like where Maggie went to Kale’s place in episode 2:

Finding that location is driving me a bit insane (so are several others) because it seems so familiar to me.

Other views of real life location:

And that’s at Vestry and Hudson:

Some assorted loose ends…

In episode 11, Will is walking to Katherine Rhumor’s place:

In real life:

The buildings in the back on the New Jersey (Jersey City) shore are washed out in my photos.

In episode 2, Will looks down from the roof at a crosswalk:

That’s actually in front of the API Building location. In real life:

Let’s go back to episode 10 and Katherine Rhumor’s place.

In real life, here’s that building behind him:

This is Katherine Rhumor’s place in real life:

Since the safehouse was so close by, and they showed the street sign in episode 12, I can now say her place is located at Collister and Hubert:

In my original post about her place, I wrote:

I’m also not going to point out something else. Study the photos and it will reveal itself. If you can’t spot it, you have no place in API! Ha!

None of you apparently noticed it.

Let’s see if you do now with these two big hints:

Did you see it? Here it is: The door in the series shows a peephole. There is no peephole in the real life door:

And, yes, I looked closely when I was there this morning, to confirm it from my first encounter.

In episode 9, when Kale is being followed at Spring Street, he crosses the street here:

This is it in real life:

Now, as for 701 Mott Street, the address Katherine’s husband gives her on the DVD, that address does not exist in real life. Mott Street ends in the 300 addresses at Mott and Bleecker (where a Planned Parenthood that is always being protested is):

The dead end of Mott Street:

If they had chosen 107 Mott Street, a real address, it would have been this:

I got that accidentally, on the way home. Didn’t think to get 170!

And people made a mistake thinking 701 Mott Street was where Andy lived. I have no idea why she was there, but that’s not her apartment.

In episode 12, Maggie is sent to Andy’s apartment:

Now look at “701 Mott Street” with Katherine:

It’s an entirely different door and interior. Why Andy was there is one of the several loose ends in the series.

Finally, this is what the API Building looked like this morning:

There’s something going on in there, what with the windows being open for several weeks now. Although there’s a building permit issued from earlier this year to make several floors into TV studios, I don’t know what that means. Personally, if they’ve been striking the sets because the series won’t return, I’m hoping to find some dumpsters outside and score some souvenirs. They’d be very bitter souvenirs, however. I want AMC to renew it!

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4 responses to “In Search Of … Rubicon Locations #3

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  2. Nice pictures! Awesome!

  3. Ed

    I know this is a VERY old post but I was watching a soccer game tonight with my neighbor (our kids play on the same team) and she mentioned that her grandmother’s house was used in the shooting of Rubicon. I loved that show and couldn’t believe it. She said she only watched the show to see the house but seemed to recall it was the house of the older “eccentric” guy (I’m assuming she meant Kale if my memory serves). Anyway, the house was at 2 Monitor Street in Brooklyn. The house was sold some time back (June 2010 per Zillow) and was torn down by the new owners and they built a new house. Happened upon your blog and thought you might find it interesting since you mentioned in your second entry about locations you had a suspicion his house was in Brooklyn and, it would seem, you were right on the money.


    – Ed.

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