A Fever Is Building


American Corporate-Owned Monopoly Media: YOUR ENEMY!

What do I feel when I go out during the day? I feel revolution. I feel fight. I feel bad revenge – anger – and tar – and feathers – and the stocks. I feel a population seething with anger – controlled by a police apparatus that doesn’t yet understand what they are fucking with or the repercussions on their families as precedented by history – unrest – riots – public officials and middle managers of corporations going outside their place of business to face the fists and steel-toed boots of the people they’ve fucked for so long for faceless suits who just needed another boat payment

Cause (one of innumerable):

Junk-Food Exec Appointed to Key USDA Slot

During her tenure with the Clinton Administration, Woteki co-wrote a paper on “The Administration’s Responsibility to the Consumer” in regards to GM seeds. The paper omits potential ecological and public-health issues regarding GM seeds, and concludes that “the government’s only responsibility to the public concerning the technology is to support it vigorously.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

It should have become clear when, back in the 1980s, some shithead tried to argue that “ketchup” should be classified as a “vegetable” for nutritional purposes that we’ve all been taken for suckers they can fleece with impunity.

The time for that impunity to end is coming.

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