Super Sekrit Nook Color

I’m sitting here with some admiration for Barnes & Noble’s ability to keep the rumored Nook Color under wraps. Even Apple has had leaks!

Aside from an image mistakenly posted on their own site, B&N has not leaked for this announcement as it has in the past.

I wonder if this is due to lack of interest on the part of people who usually leak or if something bigger is at stake?

As far as I can envision, the Nook Color will simply be a Nook with a color LCD screen. I don’t expect it to be a true Android Tablet. And given how B&N locked down the later version of the Nook to prevent hacking, I expect the same of this.

And really, what can the reaction be to a Nook with a color LCD screen other than, “Next!”?

So I have to think there’s something else at stake here.

We’ll see at one point today.

Meanwhile, anyone attending that shindig should Man Up and ask Barnes & Noble my four questions.

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